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Acqua Dell'Elba Classica Eau De Parfum For Men's Fragrance 100 ml

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Congratulations for your choice, I understand very well why you chose this perfume, perhaps it reminds you of a trip to Italy and maybe even the island of Elba, a small unspoiled paradise on the Tirreno sea where fragrances grow.

Product handmade by Italian experts who use natural ingredients. Perfume suitable for all occasions. I advise you to use Perfume in the winter and eau de toilette in the summer time perhaps combined with a soap or body cream of the same fragrance.

Acqua dell’Elba Classica

Fragrances inspired by an island in which the freshness of the sea and the flowers enhance the perception of one’s self and of time.

 Always and anyhow an island, always something else and someplace else.

A Fresh, marine masculine fragrance

created with notes of tangerine, lemon and rosemary, marine algae, moss and woods of the Mediterranean Maquis.