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Collection: Qeeboo

After a frenetic start where we often found ourselves chasing some products presented with spontaneous and "street" communications, in this challenging period, we felt the need to reflect and relaunch, strengthening the brand identity. Objects such as the Rabbit chair, the Kong, or the "Giraffe in love"; have marked 3 consecutive Milan Furniture Fairs, but the iconicity and strength of the product risked to prevail over the brand, almost as if the recognizability of the object could become an element of autonomy. Qeeboo objects are often characterized by a strong concept that allows them to be declined in different dimensional scales. Thus in the communication, there was a need to make them interact with a real person that would highlight their dimensions and poetics. Qeeboo is energy, imagination, and color. On this basis, a sort of elective affinity was created with the photographer Elena Iv-skaya by 20 powerful images that narrate the products and Qeeboo’s spirit in the synergy between design and fashion, between imagination and creativity. A point of arrival and restart that allows us to look ahead with confident optimism.“ Stefano Giovannoni
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