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Lignis Nelumbo Centrepiece Warm Rosewood

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Nelumbo is the botanical name of the lotus flower plant, a universal symbol of elegance, lightness and life. The flexible profile of Nelumbo objects opens in a sign that is inspired by the lotus leaf, light and floating, able to adapt its shape to the movement of water. Shape, function, ergonomics and sensory effect live together in this line of objects made of real and natural wood, in harmony with nature.
Colour and shadow, lightness and weight, elegance and playfulness. The centrepiece Nelumbo is built on contrasts: leaning on a solid wood black base, it opens to welcome a thin sheet of FleXilo flexible wood, bright in the different colour variations. It is inspired by the lotus flower, that arises and establishes roots in the dark water and flourishes in the surface looking for light. It is a symbol of pureness and coexistence of the opposites.
Centrepiece in real flexible wood.
Wood species: Rosewood Santos.
Centrepiece dimensions and weight: 34.5x34.5x8.5cm 0.44kg
Carton dimensions and weight: 39x39x11cm1.10 kg

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