About Us

Italian Luxury Group is a new entrepreneurial project, launched by a Florentine entrepreneur, a manager with over 15 years of experience in the public relations sector and in the one relating to the production of jewellery, fashion accessories, leather goods, top level fancy goods, all featuring two common high-profile elements: top quality of the materials and the strict respect for a completely Italian manufacturing.

We have chosen to start an original and ambitious project: the opening of an elegant Made in Italy centre in Sydney, Australia. The idea is to implement a business hub for Italian fashion and style products of superior quality, thus creating a showcase even for haute-couture jewellery and accessories, in a highly accomodating market context. We possess expertise and competence in a sector that we deeply know and that we interpret according to quality parameters, which are for us essential: we are the defenders of the great Italian manufacturing tradition, which we interpret starting from the deep roots of our territory, Florence, which represents the symbol of the Made in Italy culture all over the world.

Research, innovation, creativity, above all, passion: these are the key concepts of the ILG project. Our collections and the brands, we represent, exclusive and top level, totally show the Made in Italy excellence, a whole, mixing contemporary taste for design as well as a sound respect for handcrafted manufacturing.